What It Means 2 Live A “Laptop Lifestyle”

Laptop Lifestyle

We have all dreams of working on a beach somewhere.

Our laptop is open as we hear the waves crash onto the shore. You might even be having a pina colada, because why not? No one is judging you, and no one can see you.

Now that’s the life. Don’t you want this?

Laptop Lifestyle

What is a “Laptop Lifestyle”?

Though slightly unrealistic (as I’m not sure of any beaches with good wi-fi), many people do live a lifestyle similar to that beach scenario.

Having a laptop lifestyle basically means that you can work from anywhere at anytime! The world is your oyster.

You only require a laptop and an internet connection. The 21st century has brought with it the technology that makes this possible.

Jobs That Live the Laptop Lifestyle

Nowadays, you can:

  • Teach Online
  • Run a YouTube channel
  • Online Store
  • Freelance Developer
  • Writer

ALL FULL-TIME. That’s a just few examples too. Finding remote work is easier than ever.

Certain companies even offer remote work now. Their schedules aren’t as flexible as if you worked for yourself, but you do get what you want.

Remote work of any kind gives you the finances and flexibility to take your business on the road – travelling to different locations while still maintaining your day-to-day operations.

Do you love to travel? You and me both. With a laptop lifestyle, it’s possible for you to take your trips and still make money. Just don’t spend more than you make on vacation!

How does one get to that point though?

Granted, many people who live like this have passive sources of income. This means that their websites, their books, or their products generate enough revenue on their own that they can essentially have a ‘hands-off’ approach to their business.

That too is possible, though much more difficult to achieve.

Acquiring this lifestyle (in general) is easier said than done. A lot of initial work will have to go into a project, before it pays dividends large enough for you to take the show on the road.

Hard work (as with anything) will be the determining factor in living the ‘laptop lifestyle’. You’ll have to be a hustler, and an even better budgeter, in order to get there.

Right now it’s Friday and I’m working on a patio. The sun is out and I’m drinking a coffee. It’s not the beach and a pina colada, but it’s still great and completely attainable.

Laptop Lifestyle