Find the Best Fiverr Gigs 2 Make Money At Home

Best Fiverr Gigs to Make Money

Tips of Getting the Most From started out mostly as a gimmick. You could sell or buy a good or service for just $5. Daniel Tosh once featured it on his show (Tosh.0) and found out what was the craziest thing someone would do on the site. Services at the time included dancing videos, creating random messages and more.

Fiverr innovated though. Now, it’s unexpectedly (but not all the surprisingly) a full blown freelancer marketplace. You’ll still be able to find people willing to make a video for you, but now they’ll also be able to edit that video, do voiceovers for that video, and much more.

The idea is to still the same. There is a $5 base project – this is called a ‘gig’. Gigs now add-ons and premium features, so you can make more than $5 for doing a job. Say you are making a logo. You can charge extra for revisions, the high-quality version of the logo, etc.

Fiverr is no longer a buyer’s market; it’s a seller’s one now 2!

What’s great is that YOU come up with the gig. It can be whatever you want to do, which makes it a lot more enjoyable when someone finally books you.

So how can you get on this and start making some money on Fiverr? As always, you will need some base skills, but there’s also a chance to have some FUN.

Logo Design

Are you a graphic designer? If so, making logos for people is probably the quickest and easiest to make money on Fiverr. As a website owner, I can’t tell you how many countless times I’ve been to marketplace to find a logo maker.

As I’ve mentioned, you can get a lot more than $5 per logo. If your designs are creative, and can be done professionally in a short amount of time, you might be able to turn this into a full-scale side-hustle!

TIPS: Show some of your example logos in your gig picture so people know what kind of logo they are getting with you. When I see a logo with the style I am looking for, I often book them right away!

Video Creation / Editing

Are you a creative type, but not a graphic designer? Don’t worry! Perhaps something like video creation is for you on Fiverr. Especially if you are an animator, people will pay you to make short promotional videos, maybe even birthday videos!

And if you are an editor, you can do that too. It could be just a little drier.

TIPS: Try to think what would you pay for with Fiverr gigs. What kind of videos have you needed in your life? For me, it’s a quick video animation showcasing my business. Cater to a specific market with your gig.

Writing / Proofreading

The classic freelance gig – with a twist.

There are opportunities on Fiverr for writers too. You might just want to edit a college essay, but perhaps you can write letters from Santa during the holiday season!

Either way, if you are a creative writer, there’s an opportunity on Fiverr

TIPS: Show off your work as best you can, so people see the value and go with you instead of the thousands of other writers on the site. Don’t be afraid to go a little crazy with it!


Do you have a silky smooth radio voice? Because if I did I would get into the voiceover game on Fiverr. It’s a fun gig with a lot of flexibility.

You can have others pay to say wacky things in a cool voice, or simply narrate a school project.

Either way, having a cool voice is something that you have that others don’t – market that!

TIPS: Again, you’ll have to stand out by having a niche. Try to do a specific kind of voiceover so people can find you! Do you do accents well? Mention the ones you do best in your gig description!


What makes Fiverr great is that it still rewards creativity. That is something that hasn’t changed from the start.

If you want to test out the waters, and see if something is marketable, try Fiverr first! If it catches on, the chances are you can turn it into a work from home business down the line.

Starting is the first step. Try it today.